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Behind the scene for tumbling XD

sorry for the bad quality

You have to be completely in sync with your teammate to do rhythmic gymnastics. That‘s why having bond of trust with your teammates is more important than anything.

Tumbling; Yuuta (Episode 1).

For humans, everything you do will always come to you. Good things and bad.

Tumbling; Mother (Episode 9).

They‘re not trash. They‘re members of my team.

Tumbling; Yuuta (Episode 3). 

Delinquents always try to act cool.

Tumbling; Kaneko (Episode 3). 

Everyone has a thing or two they can‘t tell anyone else.

Tumbling; Kiyama (Episode 4).

Tumbling Episode 3

Cute right? :P 

Tumbling Episode 3

Cute right? :P 


1st pic:

That is just so sad! :( 

Probably the most heartbreaking line in this drama [atleast for me].

2nd pic:

Probably the most touching and sweetest line in this drama [atleast for me, ].

I wish I have friends like them, especially Wataru. :3

might not be making much sense to those who haven’t seen this. the actual dialogue goes something like this:

kaneko: wayosetchu nante muri desu yo. wataru: wayo get you? nihongo de hanashi nasai. kaneko: nihongo de hanashitemasu. wataru: dakara nihongo de hanase! kaneko: dakara hanashitemasu! wataru: *in english* japanese!! ryosuke: *also in english* be quiet!!!

“wayosetchu” is “the collaboration between Japanese and European/Eastern and Western style”. Wataru got it wrong and understood “getchu -> get you” instead of “setchu” XD

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