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Since March 26, 2011

On a hiatus but I will still check tumblr everyday so feel free to ask/message me! ^^

I will still be watching dramas even though I won't be posting anything as much anymore.
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Don’t fall in love with another guy. For the rest of your life, live alone and think of me. This is perhaps the most selfish decision I’ve made in my life.

Secret Garden; Kim Joo Won. 

There are only two types of girls: the type that you marry and the type that you play around with and then break up with. But you’re somewhere in between.

 —Secret Garden; Kim Joo Won.

Since what age did you become so pretty?

 –Secret Garden; Joo Won.


I finished watching Secret Garden last night. AND I LOVED IT OMG. 

*dreamy sigh*

Secret Garden

Secret Garden

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Secret Garden

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