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On a hiatus but I will still check tumblr everyday so feel free to ask/message me! ^^

I will still be watching dramas even though I won't be posting anything as much anymore.
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mymoment {Dramas during Winter Break}

Winter break is over! TT

One month of dramas and Running Man. See you again during summer’14! 

Dramas that I finished watching this break~ 

  1. School 2013 Korean [7/10]
  2. Cheongdamdong Alice Korean [8/10]
    Disappointed that I forgot what happened through this drama :/
  3. Ghost Korean [9/10]

  4. Never Give Up Dodo Chinese [10/10] ———— (2014 list) 

  5. Innocent Man Korean [10/10]
    FAVORITE DRAMA. Maru and Eun Gi~ Still have the feels! 

  6. The Pursuit of Happiness Taiwanese [6/10]
    Started out interesting. I got bored after episode 10. Forced myself to finish the last three episodes. :/

  7. 20’s Korean [10/10]
    THIS DRAMA IS A FREAKEN FANFIC! Breaks my heart because it’s Ki Kwang! Sweet sweet web series! RECOMMEND! Normal girl dating an idol. TT Can I have her life when I’m 20? I want Oh Sehun though 

Currently trying to finish:

  • The Suspicious Housekeeper
    10 more episodes but I want to drop this
  • Kaseifu no Mita
    The original version of ^^^^^. Watched the first episode today and the pace is so fact! Less details compared to TSH. 
    Ex. Episode 1 covered the first two/three episodes of TSH! 
    I might watch this instead of the Korean one because of the pace. I do like the Korean version tho TT 
  • Tokyo Bandwagon
  • Otto no Kanojo
    Waiting for the last two episodes to be sub
  • Ring Ring Bell
    ehh want to drop
  • Deja Vu
    Currently airing~ 
  • Sungkyunkwan Scandal 
    I can’t finish this drama for some reason! On episode 10/20

Dramas planing to watch:

  • Seto’s new drama
  • Miura’s new drama
  • ER Man and Woman 
  • Can’t Lose 

mymoment | Finished Master’s Sun

Yesterday I finished Master’s Sun! Iced in for two days already! Dallas weather :/  Friday was a Master’s Sun day! 

I realllyy enjoyed this drama more than I expected!I give this drama a 9/10… Well I feel like it should be a 10/10. So 10/10! 

SO JI SUB. Oh. My. God. How perfect are you? He’s wonderful!! He was a bit of a jerk in this drama, but I mean, it’s a Hong Sisters’ drama after all. I think they have a thing with jerks. I wanted to watch Ghost for Lee Yeonhee, but now, it’s for SO. JI. SUB

This post is longer than I expected oO

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Have confident… I‘m cool. Ahh! Still impossible.

Masuru, Atashinchi no Danshi; episode 3.


The 10 million yen is for expenses towards the trick heart castle


I love this photo <3


I love this photo <3


XD satoru (seto koji)’s face after the gas spray after atashinchi XD

I need to watch this again!! &gt;&lt; 


XD satoru (seto koji)’s face after the gas spray after atashinchi XD

I need to watch this again!! >< 

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